About Chris Curtin & A Punch In The Face

I’m a writer and comedian.  I grew up the youngest of 5 children, and I started performing comedy from my high chair at the dinner table.  My first dinner table act was taken entirely from Steve Martin’s “Comedy is Not Pretty.”  Fortunately, I was too young to be held accountable for the copyright suit that Steve — I mean, Mr. Martin — filed against me. Unfortunately, my parents were held liable for the infringement, and had to file for bankruptcy shortly after the $1 million judgment was filed in Mr. Martin’s favor.  I’ve spent the rest of my life trying to write my own “Ramblin’ Guy” so that, one day, I’ll be able to help my parents recover from that debilitating verdict.

And now I have.  “Punch In The Face” is my “Ramblin’ Guy” and it is the definitive anthem of Generation X for 2009.  Have a listen:


How can I be so sure that it is the anthem of Generation X?  Here’s why:  because the Punch In the Face you just listened to is my punch in the face.  According to my lyrics:

I used to do the dunk shot and a hip-hop dance

and now I’m working 9-5 and wearing high-water pants

See — that just happens to be my Punch In The Face.  But Punch In The Face is meant to be a skeleton — a vessel — for you to use to write your own Punch In The Face — with your own rhymes and your own chorus.  You’ve heard my Punch In The Face . . . but your Punch In The Face might be cigarette smoke.  Or meddling in-laws.  Or excessive weight gain.  Whatever it might be, there’s a personalized Punch In The Face for every member of Generation X.  So, go ahead.  Drop a funky rhyme on me about your Punch In The Face.  I promise:  it’ll feel good.  And it will sound even better.



  1. is that a true story!?!?! Unbelievable! I bet he didn’t know then you’d be blogging now. ha. you have a great blog.

  2. Chris – I have no idea how I came upon this site. You look well, not surprisingly. I live in Colorado, and am happily married with an almost 3 yr old girl. I think you are married and have some kids? I wish you the BEST.

    I wish you well, my footloose friend! Knowing you, I am sure you are kicking ass.


  3. Kerry — wow! Great hearing from you! I so glad things are well for you and your family in Colorado. My wife and I have two daughters, ages 3 and 1, and — as I’m sure you know — parenting is exhaustingly incredible fun. Thanks so much for the kind words. Man . . . I’m blown away . . . it is really great hearing from you and I’m so pleased you reached out. Please stay well and have fun!

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