Bringing Silly Back in the 2K10

January 17, 2010

I’ve always thought of myself as someone whose gone through life seeing the funnier side of things. Whether it’s the fact that  early 90’s crooner Richard Marx is still popular in southern Ohio or the fact that some people don’t watch TV solely because they can’t stand the commercials (Isn’t that like saying that you won’t drive because of the annoying traffic lights? I mean, just wait a minute . . . the good stuff — the TV show, the wonderful experience of driving — will get back to the action in a minute), I’ve always had time for the funny.  But .  .  . I gotta to admit, it’s getting harder  and harder to be so gosh darn silly.  The more “adult” decisions I have to make and deal with, the more I feel the silly being carved out.  Mortgage refinancing.  Career decisions. Family concerns.  None of which make me feel like the next Yakoff Smirnoff.  But — no more.  Like a funnyman’s Justin Timberlake, I’m bringing the SillyBack in the 2 K 10.  Here’s why:  the more “serious” I have to be/ am turning out to be, the more I’m convinced that humor is the silver lining of every experience.  Pretty profound, huh?  “Humor is the silver lining of every experience.” Nice.   That, or my large coffee intake just makes me feel like everything is funnier than it really is.  Whatever — I’m sticking with the claim that my giggles are not chemically enhanced by caffeine.  So here’s my challenge to you, fellow GEN X’ers — try to find the humor in every experience, no matter how challenging, frightening or sad.  If we can do that, we’ll experience heaven on earth every day.  Not a bad New Years’ Resolution, huh?  Keep it silly in the 2 K 10.


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