A Punch In the Face: The Gen X’ers Guide to Being 35

February 22, 2009

Here is an MP3 of the instant classic “Punch In the Face”, an old school rap I wrote and recorded at Legacy Funk studios in New York.


“Punch In the Face” — or “PITF” –, chronicles my personal frustrations with growing up and — let’s face it — growing old(er). If a prophet (like, for example, the bum muttering to himself at the bus station) tapped me on the shoulder in 1995 and told me that, in the ’09, I’d be working myself way too hard, living in a house I can’t really afford, and having absolutely no time for exercise, art and creativity, I’d have laughed in his face and gone back to ironing my flannel shirt. But now, here I am: doing everything I can to afford granite countertops and 18″ rims — the items that, for me, act as a false security blanket when I question my personal success.

A few tidbits about the tune:

1)  The first voice you hear is my 12 year-old nephew asking me: “Unkie C-Roc, what’s it like to be grown up?”  The answer: it’s a Punch In The Face. The sooner you kids realize that, the better off we’ll all be.  In addition, PITF is about hope, unrequited love and the American way (well . . . no it isn’t, but I always wanted to write a song that was about all 3 of those things and, since I’ve at least written and recorded this song, I’d like to try to shoehorn its meaning into all three categories. Also, when you stop to think about it, aren’t all songs really about hope, unrequited love and the American way?).

2) Heating with propane IS a Punch In The Face . . . $$$$

3) Muamar Qadafi is also a Punch In The Face.  The Libyan Dictator is about to make a comeback — I can just feel it.

4) The song is best listened to bumpin’ in your car . . . so, by all means, download it/ burn it — and bump it proud.

5) Enjoy. And, even if you don’t enjoy, lavish me with false praise – my ego is so big, I won’t be able to tell the difference between legitimate praise and sarcasm.

One final note: Please, no “Boy, you have too much time on your hands” comments. Frankly, I don’t have much time at all. But, when the sweet lil’ Baby Jesus whispered this tune in my ear, I had to write it down, record it, and send it out to the masses – starting with you.

Take Care,

Chris (aka Unkie C-Roc; the JV All Star)



  1. Chris,

    Great stuff! You are not alone in feeling that Gen X’ers are getting particularly hammered right now. I will put up a post to your tune on my blog in the next couple days. Watch for it on http://www.thegenxfiles.com


  2. You always have been…and always will be an inspiration and more importantly…LEGEND!

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